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One Day Workshops

1-25 Students: $295

26-50 Students: $495

51-75 Students: $749

76-100 Students: $1,000

J.E.S.S.I.C.A. Cares will provide all worksheets, props and supplies for workshop!

8-10 Week Academies

Registration Fee: $35 per class enrollment (unless enrolled at the same time).

Monthly Tuition: $50 a month (Sibling discount $45).

Tuition Due Date: First of each month; late after the 15th of the month.

Late Fee: $10.00 each week late.


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J.E.S.S.I.C.A. Cares Empowerment Program Registration Form

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J.E.S.S.I.C.A. Cares Tuition Policy and Contract


  • Schedule A Class

    Schedule A Class
    • Engaging & Interactive Sessions
    • Inspirational Guest Speakers
    • "Peeling the Onion" methods on Self Awareness
    • Strategic skills that "Call to Action" for positive life changes

    "Discounts provided for groups of ten or more."

  • Program Goals

    Program Goals
    • Increase and Maintain Self Esteem
    • Encourage and Assist Positive Decisions and Life Goals
    • Independent Thinking & Accountability
    • Living a Life of Purpose
  • Consultation


    Free consultation offered by phone or conveniently at your office location. We can customize and tailor programs to fit your specific needs.