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Be A Great Woman of Islam TODAY: Learn the Tricks of Shayton

December 1, 2016 by  
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This topic could not have come at a more appropriate time.

Make no mistake about it, Trump is in office by the Qadar of Allah and while we may not understand it YET…in Allah’s infinite wisdom this happened  and if not careful; Shayton can and will use it against you to lower your standards as a Muslimah and slave of Allah.  These things my Muslimahs are tricks of Shayton.  So let us review, the tricks of Shayton and FACE what isn’t working.  Meaning within ourselves so that Shayton cannot use it against us.  FACE what has you struggling because if you are struggling now…as prophesied when the minor and major signs start to appear THAT will not be the time when your IMAN will appear.  We will discuss 3 different tricks that Shayton uses and is going to use during this time:

1.) Denial: The definition of denial is a refusal to believe or accept.  How many of us are in denial right now that Shayton tricks us and that we keep falling for the same tricks.  For example, when I get out of school, I’ll wear my hijab!  It’s because of my friends or family that don’t cover is the reason why I don’t cover.  It’s not safe to wear hijab now!  Or the famous one…Allah knows what’s in my heart, he knows my struggle…Allah is most merciful.  Lastly, how many of you are in denial that this election is even a sign of the last days?  Allah makes things obligatory for us for a reason and what is obligatory is just that…a non negotiable.  If you can stand before your Lord on the day of Judgment with those excuses then I fear for you.  There are sisters dying in other countries to wear the crown you are so ready to discard.  There are our sisters in Islam like Khawlah, Maryam and Sumayyah who lived for the preservation of Islam, who lived for the honor in wearing hijab and died to be identified as a Muslim.  Which is the whole reason why Allah gave us, the women of Islam  the command to wear it…it is our duty and honor to represent this Ummah & these women!!!  Don’t allow your denial of the punishment of Allah for disobedience to keep you from owning it or in the time that we live.  We know when we’re on deen; there’s a good feel about it…but when we’re not, you know it; you feel it!  Don’t surpress it by the trick of Shyaton in the form of denial.  Don’t deny this deficiency in your worship to Allah.  OWN it and then ask Allah to remove that because its like that saying, if you lie to yourself enough that you will eventually believe it.  Don’t fool yourself right up until Judgment Day and have to face it then.  Work side by side with Allah to assist you.  It amazes me of how recognition in a thing and then decision making is so difficult even when it means your life.  We see this in drug addicts all the time; knowing that the drugs is destroying their life, yet cannot come to the logicial decision to leave it off.  Defending & justifying a bad situation is a sugar coated way of saying DENIAL.  We cannot afford to be in denial…Shayton is banking on it.

2.) Fear: The definition of fear is anxiety caused by real or possible danger, pain.  Notice this man (Trump) has not even addressed this country, hasn’t passed a bill and my timeline on Facebook was literally flooded with how it is permissible to take off our hijabs, moving to Canada, Africa and Saudi Arabia.  Listen close…there will come a time when we all are going to have to face the major signs of the end.  You living outside of the U.S. will not change that and until Allah takes our souls…we will be tested.  This is a GUARANTEE…Allah says do you think you will say you believe and not be tested?  The women before us didn’t take times of trials as a reason to dumb down their deen, they used this as a moment to stand firm side by side with the men of Islam.


Khansa- Her children

Sumayyah-First martyr

Maryam-Modesty tested; she didn’t run

Asma-Preservation of the Prophet

Hafsah-Preserved the Qur’an

And this man gets elected and all that goes out the window?  Islam is what we need to be thinking of preserving.  Fear…is it real?  Yes, but Allah warns us to fear him and hime alone…THAT is Tawheed!  Shayton will use fear as a trick to shy from your honor in being a Muslimah.  Don’t allow him.  He wants your soul…your very hereafter.  Don’t allow fear of Allah’s creation to be used by Shayton against you.  Think of what Allah allowed to happen before and how his servants faired.  Example:

Musa (May Allah be pleased with him): Red Sea

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): Quraysh

Believe in the Lord in which you serve.  This is an opportunity, not a moment to paralyze in fear.  So how do you do this???  This brings us to our last key to being aware of the tricks of Shayton in order to strive and be a great woman of Islam and that is:

3.) Ignorance: Learn your spiritual history!!!!  Learn this religion.  Be like that of Khadijah who was the first to accept Islam.  Read the signs.  Read in what times we are living in.  Learning this religion will assist in being able to READ the signs and allow you to be better equipped in how to deal with things as they arise versus running in fear of them.  Be like that of Aesha (RA) who learned so much with respect to Islam that she is known as one of if not the greatest scholar in Islam.  TAKE ACTION TODAY!!!  Seek what isn’t working in you today and take one thing at a time and with Allah’s help make the du’a that Allah allows you to see the tricks of Shayton and to fight against them.

I pray that you have found benefit in some of these key components in your journey and aspiration of finding your place in this Ummah and finding your contribution during these times so that In Shaa Allah you can stand before our Lord on the day of Judgment as one of the great women of Islam today!


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